Our reading material in the month of December consists of two things and two things only: Horoscope forecasts for the coming year, and “places to visit in 2018 ” listicles. To us, the perfect end-of-year prep means reading all about our zodiac sign and updating our travel bucket list.

And so, it occurred to us: Why don’t we kill two birds with one stone, and let our celestial fortunes inspire where our next big trip should be? We’ve enlisted Janelle Belgrave, one of our favorite astrologers, to share her travel tips for each sign, plus the getaway spots that best fit their proclivities. And, because we’re always looking out for travelers on different budgets, we’ve included destination suggestions for both luxury and low-cost vacations. Click ahead for the 2018 travel inspiration you didn’t know you needed.

March 21 to April 19

“With Uranus finally leaving the Aries sign after a tumultuous seven-year stay, this upcoming year is the perfect opportunity for Rams to reclaim their time and start enjoying themselves again,” says Belgrave. You’ll feel like a brand new person in 2018, so what better way to celebrate this sense of rebirth than a solo journey?

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