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More than a year and a half after Donald Trump won the Republican Party’s nomination after a divisive 2016 primary campaign, the GOP and its voters have not really come to any real agreement among themselves.

The one thing they appear to agree on the most, however, is the feeling that Democrats are bad for America.

In terms of issues, the party’s voters seem to be at odds with Republican politicians, according to an extensive survey of 2,019 adults conducted by the non-profit Public Religion Research Institute.

Among respondents who identify as Republican or lean toward the party, just 35 percent said that they believed that rolling back the Affordable Care Act would make them better off. A majority, 61 percent, said that repeal of Obamacare would either make no difference at all or would make them worse off. Even more worrying for anti-government Republicans, a full 32 percent of their own voters told PRRI that they supported government-guaranteed health insurance, even if it meant raising taxes.

Even on the topic of immigration, 63 percent of Republican voters said that they favored granting legal resident status to the Dreamers, people brought to the United States as undocumented immigrants …read more


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