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San Francisco’s median rent price is $4,450, nearly three times the median rent in Houston, Texas.
Instead of hiring expensive local talent in the Bay Area, one Houston-based law firm flies its lawyers in on a private jet once a month to meet with clients.
The firm uses the jet — which costs $2,500 an hour to operate — as a tool for recruiting top talent.

Rent and home prices in the Bay Area are so high, one Houston-based law firm found an alternative to hiring expensive local talent: Buy a private jet.

Patterson and Sheridan, a national intellectual property law firm headquartered in Houston, bought a nine-seat plane to shuttle its patent lawyers to clients in the Bay Area once a month.

Even though the jet cost $3 million to buy, reports Houston Chronicle reporter L.M. Sixel, it’s cheaper than hiring local lawyers, and even less expensive than relocating the Texas lawyers with business in Silicon Valley to the area full-time.

“The young people that we want to hire out there have high expectations that are hard to meet,” Bruce Patterson, a partner at the firm, told The New York Times. “Rent is so high they can’t even …read more

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