I don’t sleep well these days. My mind is consumed with thoughts of what could happen if my greatest fear comes true: that North Korea makes the tragic mistake of conducting the first atmospheric nuclear weapons test since 1980, spreading radioactive fallout throughout the Pacific Ocean and eventually around the world.

But it isn’t the test that scares me — it’s what happens afterwards that gives me cold sweats.

Such a test would likely garner a military response from the Trump administration, a response that could very well take us down a path to war. And I have no illusions of what such a war would look like: nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons used; millions of people dead; trillions of dollars in damage; North Korea somehow needing to be rejoined with South Korea; and the possibility of a great power showdown between China and America. A Third World War is not even out of the question.

A threat that very well could become reality

One thing about North Korea is that they make many, many threats — almost on a daily basis. And most, to be brutally honest, don’t pan out (thank god). However, when Pyongyang makes very specific threats about realistic …read more

Source:: The Week – World

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