Each week, we spotlight a dream vacation recommended by some of the industry’s top travel writers. This week’s pick is El Rosario in Mexico.

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“I didn’t just see the butterflies — I felt them,” said Terri Colby at the Chicago Tribune. “A wing brushed my cheek, a pair landed on my shoulder, a few more on my hat.” I was standing on a forested mountaintop in Mexico, mesmerized by the thousands of monarchs that were swirling around me and darting between pockets of sunlight and shade. I could hear the sound of their wings, and it was “like a whisper on the breeze.” More than luck had brought me to the spot: Every fall, monarchs that are born in Canada and the northern U.S. fly 2,500 miles to the mountaintops of Mexico and remain there through March. At El Rosario, the largest butterfly reserve in the state of Michoacán, anyone — for now — can see what I saw. And it is “a singular experience” — “mystical, and almost spiritual.”

Monarchs have interested me ever since I was a child chasing the orange-and-black butterflies through my Chicago backyard. Like many people, I’ve noticed there are far fewer monarchs …read more

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