By the time David Cassidy turned 21, he had made his first million.

The actor had won hearts worldwide as the hunky, young star of The Partridge Family in the 1970s. Despite unbelievable fame, the decades that followed were marked with turmoil for Cassidy, who died Tuesday from organ failure. He was 66.

Cassidy revealed exclusively to PEOPLE in February that he was battling dementia and stepping back from touring as a musician to “enjoy life” and “love.”

At the peak of his early career, Cassidy played some 350 concerts in 17 countries while releasing 10 Partridge albums, eight solo albums and 17 singles, PEOPLE reported in 1983. Cassidy would fight off aggressive fans – things at one point got so out of control that he had to be smuggled into his own concerts.

“I was a kid, not a man,” he told PEOPLE in 1983 of having to semi-retire, exhausted, at only 24. A friend, Samuel Hyman, noted at the time, “If David hadn’t done all those years of seven-day weeks—acting, touring, recording — he might not have been driven to the edge. I think he had to stop for his mental well-being.”

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