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Good morning! Here’s the technology news you need to know this Wednesday.

1. The US government has issued an alert about possible North Korean hacking activity. The attacks are targeting the aerospace, telecommunications, and finance industries.

2. It looks like Russia used both Facebook and Twitter to interfere with the UK’s Brexit referendum. Facebook hinted at the possibility but did not give outright confirmation, while researchers found 400 fake Twitter accounts run from Russia.

3. High-profile Uber investor Shervin Pishevar has finally been named as the VC who was arrested in London earlier this year for alleged sexual assault. The claims were dropped, but Pishevar has now launched his own lawsuit against a PR firm, which he claims smeared him in the press.

4. A Vietnamese researcher used a custom mask to unlock Face ID on Apple’s iPhone X. Similarly, a family posted a video of a child being about to unlock his mother’s iPhone X with his own face.

5. US regulators have approved the first digital pill, which connects to your smartphone and can …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech

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