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People are paying a Russian photo studio on a private jet to take Instagram-worthy shots of them.
Prices range from $191 to $434, depending on the type of service you’re interested in.
Social media celebrities like the “The Rich Kids of Instagram” have popularized photos that show a jet-setting life.

“The Rich Kids of Instagram” have popularized the practice of flaunting a lavish lifestyle on social media, and now photo studios are making it easier to imitate their boastful posts.

Private Jet Studio is a photo studio on a tarmac with a Gulfstream G650 jet, where customers can take pictures both inside and out.

People can book the Moscow-based company’s services for $244 (14,000 roubles) an hour with a photographer, or for $191 (11,000 roubles) an hour without one. For $434 (25,000 roubles), people can also book a two-hour videography session in and around the private jet. Hair and makeup can be provided on set.

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Subjects can play along and act as if they just landed for an important trip.

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Dogs are allowed onboard.

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Group photos are encouraged.

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