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A White House adviser told Axios that Elon Musk did not get a “verbal” green light to begin an ambitious mass-transit tunneling project between New York and Washington DC.
Musk said on Twitter in July that he got “verbal government approval” for the project that would develop a Hyperloop route between the two major East Coast hubs.
Such an undertaking would require cooperation from multiple local and regional entities, including the official backing of the federal government. A number of local government officials who Business Insider spoke to in July said they had no knowledge of it.
Musk has been in talks with state and federal officials who say they are excited about the prospect of a next-generation mass-transit system.

This may not surprise you. The “verbal government approval” Boring Company CEO Elon Musk said he received to begin an ambitious tunnel project between New York and Washington DC was probably a misunderstanding.

Musk made that announcement on Twitter in July, suggesting he got the nod for the tunneling project that would eventually produce a Hyperloop connection between the two major East Coast hubs. A White House adviser reportedly said the “approval” wasn’t exactly a green light, according to an Axios report …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Finance

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