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“I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m not psychic. I can’t look into the future and say for sure I’m going to be alone always. So it is true that I don’t know for sure I’ll be alone forever,” said Aimée Lutkin. “And a lot of people who respond in this very negative way to what I’m saying maybe have felt as I’m feeling. Maybe they never thought they’d meet anybody and then they did. So they have experienced what I’m experiencing, but they’re on the other side of it.”

Lutkin, a comedian and a writer based in New York City, wrote an article for Jezebel in December 2016 that asked the question, “When Can I Say I’ll Be Alone Forever?” I was drawn to it because I’m single and am trying to get comfortable with the idea that that might be always be the case, but also because of the way Aimée explored that idea: honestly, both without self-pity and without a sugar-coated ending.

“I also believe that people don’t want to accept the idea that someone who’s, you know, fun or cool or interesting, who they like, isn’t guaranteed love,” she said. “But love isn’t a …read more

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