William H. Macy has some tough love coming for his TV son, Ethan Cutkosky.

Cutkosky, 18, was arrested for an alleged DUI earlier this month, and the 67-year-old Shameless star reveals that he warned him against the dangers behind the wheel.

“He’s great. He’s a great kid,” Macy says during a sit-down with PEOPLE Now. “I’m gonna kick him in the butt when I see him, because I was there when he was trying to pick out which car to get, because I like cars and he likes cars. So we talked cars until I was tired of talking cars.”

The Emmy winner added, “I did tell him, ‘Don’t get a hot car because trust me, it’s hard to keep your foot off the accelerator, and you’re young and dumb and the cops are looking for you.’ I lectured him about all that stuff, but people make mistakes, and nobody got hurt.”

Macy says that growing up in the spotlight is no easy task.

“I still find it a challenge myself,” he said, recalling a time when his comments from a film festival Q&A went viral.

The actor also said that the cast of Showtime hit looks out for one other, shouting out

Source:: People.com

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