Who says a rescued wild animal doesn’t qualify as an emotional support pet? A condo association in Clearwater, Florida, for one.

WFLA News Channel 8 reports that Ryan Boylan is fighting to keep his exotic rescue pet, a female squirrel named Brutis, after the Island Walk Condominiums board filed a complaint to Boylan and the owner of the condo. A notice sent last month informed him he must give up the squirrel, an exotic animal forbidden by the board, or face eviction. Only cats and dogs are considered pets at Island Walk.

The property management first learned of the typically outdoor rodent’s status as Boylan’s pet when a local dog chased it up a tree in April. Boylan then notified the board over the summer that he considers Brutis an emotional support animal.

“She’s just like an inside cat. She just walks around and hides pecans and hazelnuts which are her two favorites,” Boylan, 40, told ABC Action News.

Boylan rescued the squirrel during Hurricane Matthew in 2016 when she was stuck under a car, and since then, he has grown attached to her. He was in a car accident in 2004, which he claims left him with anxiety, herniated discs in …read more

Source:: People.com

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