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A leading Conservative Brexiteer advised investors to pull their money out of the UK.
Labour accuse veteran MP John Redwood of “talking Britain down.”

LONDON — A leading Brexiteer has been accused of “talking down Britain” after he advised investors to pull money out of the UK because of the state of the economy.

Veteran Conservative MP and leading pro-Brexit campaigner John Redwood wrote a column for the Financial Times at the beginning of November telling readers to “look further afield” than Britain.

Redwood has a second job as chief global strategist for Charles Stanley, for which he earns £180,000 a year, and is notorious for his lengthy opposition to Britain’s membership of the European Union.

The article was publicised after a Forbes columnist, France Coppola, launched a withering attack on Redwood, writing he had “advocated a course of action by the UK government that he knows would seriously damage the UK economy,” in supporting “hard” Brexit.

Coppola wrote: “To protect his job as an investment manager, he warned his wealthy clients to get their money out before the disaster hits. To me, this smacks of disaster capitalism. Engineer a crash while ensuring your own interests are protected, then clean up when it hits.

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