Jon Bernthal in “Marvel’s The Punisher” (Credit: Netflix/Jessica Miglio)

Frank Castle likes to beat things. Kicking and stabbing works too, but give the man a sledgehammer, and he’s home. In the opening episode of “Marvel’s The Punisher,” rolling out Friday on Netflix, we meet Frank six months after he believes he’s completed the mission of avenging his family, the bloody tail-end of which plays out in the first couple of minutes. This early in series the world believes special forces operative Frank Castle is dead, but he’s actually a quiet man living under an assumed name, working through his pain by shattering concrete walls at a construction job.

A show called “The Punisher” isn’t going to keep a man like Frank out of commission for long and sure enough, the ex-Marine soon finds himself back in his familiar black and hunting down the perpetrators actually responsible for ripping his family and his happiness way from him.

As heroes go, Frank’s motivations are as simple as his methods, and his introduction in season 2 of “Marvel’s Daredevil” is one of the best elements of a mediocre and haphazardly constructed sophomore run.

His moral code is black and white: cross his line, …read more


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