Take one part Clue, mix in some David Copperfield, add a double pour of Scottish whisky and hire a Sex and the City chef. That’s a pop culture reference-loaded way to describe the unique, immersive dinner theater experience of At The Illusionist’s Table, currently in a 12-week exclusive engagement at the McKittrick Hotel in New York City.

The McKittrick Hotel is best known as the home of the Off-Broadway hit Sleep No More, which invites a masked audience to explore the 100,000-sqaure-foot venue filled with intricate, macabre sets and an interactive cast performing a loose adaptation of Macbeth. Other spaces within the McKittrick include the rooftop Gallow Green bar and restaurant and the jazz-inspired concert hall, the Manderley Bar. Now, yet another room, The Heath, is transformed into an ethereal setting for mentalist Scott Silven’s At The Illusionist’s Table.

Upon arrival, guests were ushered into a train car (We mentioned the McKittrick sets are elaborate, right?) just outside The Heath and served cocktails or wine, as well as some elegant finger foods. The Camisa Negra cocktail, which includes “activated charcoal” as an ingredient, was a deliciously strange and unusual harbinger for the rest of the evening.

Soon thereafter, this relatively …read more

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