In a digital-obsessed world where sending memes back and forth without comment is a perfectly acceptable form of staying in touch, what you look like on the 4.7-inch screen of a standard iPhone is almost more important than what you look like face-to-face. Filters are the new foundation, and the App Store overfloweth with ways to virtually apply lipstick, chisel your cheekbones, brighten your dark circles, shrink your nose, and otherwise alter your appearance without actually altering it.

And then, somewhere in the midst of it all, there is MakeApp and its new Remove feature. This tool does the opposite of your go-to photo editor: Rather than add makeup, or at least the illusion of it, to enhance your features and make you look like a better version of yourself, Remove exists to wipe the slate clean. It’ll show you what you look like underneath all that makeup, and expose the real you — or that’s what it says, at least. That’s not exactly true.

Now, I have FaceTuned with the best of them. I admit to using apps to lengthen my moon-shaped face, darken my lips, correct my slightly left-of-center nose, smooth out my premature …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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