At the Monarto Zoo, you’re the one in the cage.

The Australian animal park recently opened a new feature called Lions 360, a cage inside the big cat’s enclosure that puts you just a claw’s length away from the majestic meowers.

“It’s a truly hair-raising experience with visitors able to enter the cage and get closer than ever before to our amazing lions,” Zoos SA (which operates Monarto Zoo) chief executive Elaine Bensted told ABC News.

In the lion’s den. This is fine @7NewsAdelaide pic.twitter.com/HABcTFSEJa

— Lauren Rose (@laurenrosevj) November 12, 2017


Monarto Zoo is home to over 12 lions, many of whom were curious to meet the first visitors brave enough to try Lions 360. As part of the experience, keepers feed the lions through the cage that makes up the walls and ceiling to ensure the animals get up close and personal with guests.

A slightly scary encounter with these incredible creatures at @ZoosSA new Lions 360 experience. @abcadelaide pic.twitter.com/l9Ln9i6MnL

— Sarah Hancock (@_SarahHancock) November 12, 2017


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