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Alex Salmond, former Scottish First Minister, tells BI that another Scottish independence referendum could take place within “a very sharp timescale” after Brexit.
Salmond told BI that a “hard Brexit” would force the Scottish government to call another vote before Britain crashes out of the single market.
Former SNP leader attacked the “arrogance” of Theresa May’s government and “utter buffoonery” of Boris Johnson.
Salmond defended his new show on Russia-funded RT, claiming his interviews would be better than “90 percent” of interviews on mainstream media.

LONDON — Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is prepared to call another independence referendum shortly after Britain leaves the European Union, the former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has told Business Insider.

The former SNP leader, who led the last failed independence campaign, said that his successor would be forced to call another referendum as soon as possible if Britain leaves the single market in March 2019 without a transition deal in place in a ‘Hard Brexit’.

“If it’s a hard Brexit we are going to have a very sharp timescale,” Salmond told BI, adding that Sturgeon would act quickly to help Scotland “avoid” the effects of Britain leaving the single market without a transition deal in place.

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