Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a terminally ill fan’s wish come true.

The Moana actor, 45, took to Instagram after finding out one of his fans, 76-year-old grandmother Judy Rosenberg, had a rather sexy cardboard cutout of him standing next to her hospital bed.

“This kind of stuff will always be the best part of fame,” the actor captioned an Instagram video he shared Monday night.

Inside the email sent to Johnson was the story of very feisty Rosenberg, who has just entered hospice care with stage four pancreatic cancer.

While married for 57 years, the mother of five and grandmother of 17 has a big crush on the star – hence the cardboard cutout of the underwear-wearing actor from his wrestling days.

Despite the tremendous support of her large family, the “potty-mouthed” grandmother still wished for a few things – some air kisses and to be called “sexy” by her hero.

“Judy, you’re beautiful, you’re clearly sexy,” Johnson said. “Myself and the millions of people who are watching this are sending you all the love and all the positive energy in the world. We love you. Stay strong.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson has shown his support or admiration of …read more

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