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Google X, Alphabet’s “moonshot lab” uses the phrase “#MonkeyFirst” to describe how it tackles the hardest part of a project first.
That’s because they want to know if a project is worth pursuing before they invest time and money into it.
Astro Teller, “captain of moonshots” at X, says too few companies subscribe to this productivity process.

If you want to understand Google X’s work process, you have to start by imagining a monkey.

Specifically, a monkey on top of a 10-foot pedestal, reciting passages from Shakespeare.

Astro Teller, “captain of moonshots” at X, uses this image to illustrate a fundamental principle behind the workflow at Alphabet’s “moonshot lab.” Specifically, he asks listeners to consider: If they wanted to get that monkey on that pedestal reciting Shakespeare, where would they begin?

The right answer, according to Teller, is training the monkey. The wrong answer is building the pedestal. That’s because training the monkey is infinitely harder than building the pedestal — and at X, it’s imperative to do the hardest thing first.

A recent article by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic reports that “#MonkeyFirst” is a saying at X (“yes, with the hashtag”).

Teller told Thompson: “You can always build the pedestal. All of the risk and …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy

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