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LONDON — Nikolay Storonsky was in a hurry.

The founder and CEO of Revolut, one of the fastest growing fintech startups in the world, whizzed through a presentation meant to last half an hour in around 15 minutes at the LendIt Europe conference in London this week.

He had a plane to catch. But doing things quickly is just Storonsky’s style.

So far this year, Revolut, which started as a foreign exchange card linked to an app, has launched business accounts, loans, loyalty offers, mobile phone insurance, a bill splitting feature, a subscription “Premium” account, a chatbot, and more. Oh, and raised $66 million.

“We are not afraid of doing new things,” Storonsky, 34, told Business Insider after his LendIt talk on Tuesday. “That’s what entrepreneurship is. We’d rather try then fail rather than wait, analyse, think, then don’t do anything. There is a good phrase: paralysis through analysis. We are not these type of people.”

Projects can take just one month to go from an idea to reality at Revolut. Business accounts, Revolut’s thorniest problem so far, took just six months to build and launch.

This rapid work cycle has been rewarded with rapid growth. Just two years after launch, Revolut has

Source:: Businessinsider – Finance

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