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I’ll just say it: the conspiracies around Justice League made me laugh yesterday. It was a much needed distraction from the horror show that is the unfolding Harvey Weinstein drama. It’s all connected though, because now that Weinstein has been outed as an abuser, Harvey’s “boys” felt the need to issue statements. Ben Affleck – who has Justice League coming out soon – was one of those dudes. As CB covered, the Batfleck’s statement did not go over well, probably because he has a history of assaulting women too. Thus, people began to wonder: is someone, like, out to get Justice League? Is someone pushing negative stories about the cast just to create bad press for Justice League? Of course that’s a funny thought, because for the love of God, NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT JUSTICE LEAGUE. Justice League is already a mess. It was always going to be a gigantic mess. Warner Bros doesn’t know what to do with these valuable franchises anymore. If someone wanted to hurt Justice League, all they would have to do is wait for it to …read more

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