Levi’s made this denim smart jacket in collaboration with Google’s Project Jacquard. It uses Bluetooth and conductive threads to communicate with a smartphone app. You can program different actions, such as a double tap on the sleeve, to do things like change your music or give you directions. Following is a transcript of the video.

Avery Hartmans: This is the Levi’s Commuter jacket, made in partnership with Google’s Project Jacquard. I’ve been testing this jacket for about a week. I wore it on a bike ride, I wore it on the subway, I wore it to walk around, and I have to say it’s a pretty great jacket. Tech aside, it fits really really well. It looks nice. It’s a great color—this really dark denim—and I really just like wearing it. The jacket is a totally regular jacket apart from this tab on the sleeve. This tab is what powers the entire jacket. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth. It charges up by sticking in a USB port and this is what makes this jacket tech-enabled versus a pretty standard denim jacket. The other thing that’s special about this is the connected threads that are in the sleeve right here, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech

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