Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner reunite to take their kids out for ice cream

These are photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner taking their kids out for ice cream yesterday. It looks like he’s breaking bad news to her, but that could be a show for the cameras. Surely she’d heard all the news by then and this also must be a planned outing because multiple photos agencies had these photos. For all of the people blaming Garner for her husband being an abusive jackass who grabs women – stop it. Really, just stop. A man is responsible for his own actions. Yes women can get into codependent relationships with those type of men, but those type of men are also extremely skilled at being charismatic and saying just the right thing when needed to hook the person. They’re skilled at also making women feel like they have no other options, not that that’s the case with Garner, just that you can’t blame an abuser’s partner.

Garner worked extremely hard to preserve Affleck’s public image and his relationship with his children in the wake of their drawn out separation. She gave it her all, for good or bad, and in their statements to the press both of them have emphasized how their kids …read more

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