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As I’ve said before, I’m not AS interested in the insider-y media aspect of the Harvey Weinstein story. I get that many people are interested in many different aspects of the situation, but all of the back-and-forth about who should have reported what and when is getting exhausting to me – the press, as a whole, failed. They failed women. They failed the victims. But I also understand how it happened – for decades, Harvey Weinstein’s reach was impenetrable. He could shut down negative stories with one phone call. He could threaten the biggest media outlets and successfully kill or create any story in a day. So, I get why people are interested in hearing why Ronan Farrow’s exclusive didn’t air on NBC News, his employer. THR has a lengthy story about what happened behind the scenes, but here’s the TL; DR version: Harvey threatened to sue and NBC folded to pressure. Ronan took the story to The New Yorker and the rest is history.

Meanwhile, I’m even less interested in the insider-y “what will the film establishment do about Weinstein now?” stories. Talk about …read more

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