Ferrin Roy has become a face of self-love and acceptance.

Born with a 4-inch birthmark on her right cheek, Roy has learned to love her unique feature, despite receiving negative attention for it throughout her life. In her new book, The Mark She Kept, the 30-year-old is inspiring others to embrace their differences, too.

“When the stares and the comments were in an overload, I thought about removing my birthmark,” she tells PEOPLE. “I met with a plastic surgeon. Then it really sunk in — if I removed it, it would be to satisfy the opinion of others. This is something I had since I was a child, so I grew with it. I had to tell myself, ‘This is you, and you have already accepted who you are.’ ”

Roy credits her mom for her making her feel beautiful and instilling self-confidence.

“My mom incorporated it when she was teaching me: ‘These are your eyes, this is your nose, this is your birthmark…’ so as a child I felt like this was a part of me,” says the Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Roy. “If, say, my mom would have combed my hair a particular way to camouflage my birthmark, that …read more

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