Though little Gabriella Coane is less than a month old, she has already experienced two historic events.

Gabriella was born on August 20, just a week before Hurricane Harvey pummeled cities around Texas, leading to the evacuation and displacement of tens of thousands of residents. Parents Bruce and Jessica Coane took shelter in their Houston apartment with their newborn as the hurricane flooded large parts of the city.

“To see all the suffering going on was quite awful, everyone’s possessions were on the curbs,” Bruce, who volunteered at the George R. Brown Convention Center during the storm, tells PEOPLE. “Then we heard about the exploding chemical plants and how they were spewing toxic fumes into the air.”

The couple was in Houston in the days leading up to Harvey so they could be near their OGBYN when Gabriella was born. But the family has another home in Miami (Bruce has commuted between the two cities over the last two decades for work), so they figured exploding chemical plants were about a good enough reason as any to hightail it to Miami. But because Gabriella had not received her vaccinations yet, taking their baby on a plane to Miami was out of …read more


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