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Court records revealed that a number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests have been made from two Motel 6 locations in predominantly Latino neighborhoods in Arizona, lending credence to the theory that employees were tipping off officials on an alleged undocumented immigrant’s location, according to a Phoenix New Times report on Wednesday.

A conservative estimate of 20 arrests from the two corporate-owned locations were said to have been made between February and August, the New Times reported.

In one case, ICE officers were said to be “following a lead” and that they “received information” on the specific room number of a suspect who hours earlier had shown the front-desk clerk a Mexican voter ID card.

“I’m thinking to myself, how would they know that?” Juan Rocha, an attorney representing the suspect, told the New Times. “The client said he gave them a Mexican ID card — but there’s people who visit the US all the time who have Mexican IDs. How does that establish that you’re here without authorization?”

“I’m assuming it was a Motel 6 person,” Rocha continued. “I don’t know who else would have told them — thinking, ‘Hey, this guy doesn’t speak English, he has a …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics

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