Throughout their nearly year-long courtship, Jennifer Lawrence and her mother! director, Darren Aronofsky, have seemingly gone to great lengths to avoid sharing details on their relationship — until now.

The Oscar-winning actress, 27, tells PEOPLE at the Wednesday night premiere of their film in New York City that she was “excited” about working with the Black Swan director who is not afraid to push boundaries,

“That’s what I’ve always loved about him. I was such a huge fan of all of this work. I just think he’s so bold and unafraid and that’s exactly what I saw,” Lawrence says of her boyfriend. “That’s exactly what I witnessed — even more so.”

Aronofsky is also in awe of his star and partner, the 48-year-old tells PEOPLE he is constantly blown away by her talent.

“You don’t really need to push Jen, she really always jumps for the goal and dives full in. A lot of times it was holding her back. Just saying, ‘hey, we don’t need that much.’

“She just has so much talent. She’s a hurricane, a tornado and an earthquake of emotion and it just comes pouring out of her.”

The director says he actually never thought Lawrence would agree to do …read more


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