For September, I posed a series of questions—with, as always, a few verbal restrictions—to five authors with new books: Eleanor Henderson (“The Twelve-Mile Straight”), Holly Goddard Jones (“The Salt Line”), Chelsea Martin (“Caca Dolce”), Celeste Ng (“Little Fires Everywhere”) and Gabriel Tallent (“My Absolute Darling”).

Without summarizing it in any way, what would you say your book is about?

Gabriel Tallent: The search for strategies of resistance when resistance seems impossible and also the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Celeste Ng: Mothers and daughters — both biological and chosen. Where art and life intersect and how they speak to each other. What happens when good intentions run into personal discomfort. The dangers of thinking that plans and rules will save you, which is maybe the futility of believing you can really control anything. The (im)possibility of starting over.

Eleanor Henderson: Sharecroppers, bootleggers, midwives, a cotton mill, a lynching, poverty, paternity, family, community, the disease of Jim Crow, other diseases, white savior complex, twins.

Chelsea Martin: Specific tips and tricks for those who have allowed shitheads into their lives, facts and figures about being a shithead, lots of insight about shitheads. But also beauty, you know? The fleeting kind no one expects and then it’s gone …read more

Source:: Salon.com

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