Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur (Credit: AP/Bebeto Matthews)

It’s been 21 years since Tupac “2Pac” Shakur, the prolific rapper, movie star and activist, was gunned down for a second time after a boxing event in Las Vegas. He died six days later. At just 25, the world lost not only iconic and widely influential artist, but a courageous voice for social justice as well.

2Pac was so visionary in the span of his short life, that his words still ring true long after his death death. So candid, so forward-thinking was Shakur that When Kendrick Lamar used portions of a previously unheard 2Pac interview at the close of his 2015 album “To Pimp A Butterfly,” it was hard to believe the soundbites were over 20 years old.

Last year, as then presidential candidate Donald Trump campaigned for the highest office in this country, MTV News unearthed another unheard, yet pertinent, interview — this one from 1992 — in which Shakur called out Trump as a symbol of America’s greedy, inhumane capitalist culture.

Twenty five years ago the rapper said:

This world is such a, and when I say this world I mean it, I don’t mean it in an ideal sense, I …read more

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