Arnold Fletch rocket system

Special forces vehicles could soon be outfitted with a new guided-rocket system based on the unguided rockets that have been a mainstay on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Arnold Defense, a St. Louis-based weapons maker, is working with other defense firms to produce the Fletcher, a weapons system firing 2.75-inch guided rockets that can be mounted on land vehicles and potentially on platforms designed for open-water and close-to-shore operations.

The company and its team plans to demonstrate the system during the Defense and Security Equipment International showcase this week in London, and it expects other partners to join the project during its development.

Arnold is the world’s biggest supplier of rocket launchers, according to Defense News, and it has made more than a million of the 2.75-inch rocket launchers for the US and allied militaries since 1961.

“Moving that success into the land environment with our 2.75-inch rocket systems fitted to wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as in a dismounted role, will provide ground forces with an entirely new capability,” Arnold CEO Jim Hager said in a release, adding that the company hoped to have the system on …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech

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