Cat-eye malfunctions can happen to the best of us — no matter how pro we are at ’em. Despite how many liner tricks we have up our sleeve, these are the makeup meltdowns that will cause more late mornings to work than a long line at your favorite coffee shop. Normally, we take the frustration with a grain of salt (and some how-to hacks) but now, it looks like there’s a new eye trend this season that will make our routines faster — and easier. Enter: A look we’re calling “thumbprint eyeliner.”

Unlike a classic cat-eye, mastering the look requires zero liquid liner and leaves you with the kind of imperfect results that won’t result in a pile of half-used makeup remover wipes. Why is it dubbed “thumbprint liner”? The rounded swoop of shadow is exactly the same size as the pad of your finger. Fret not, because these oval wings are made to be sisters, never twins — the messier the finished look, the better. For once, you don’t have to GAF about how precise your eyeliner looks.

Since you can use a brush or your actual finger to create the thick flick, we’re predicting this look will …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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