Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Back in the Day

Katy Perry’s disastrous hosting of the VMAs may have American Idol producers in a panic, but there’s at least one person who’s entered into a relationship with Katy who doesn’t regret it.

Remember when Katy was married to Russell Brand? And when he told her that he wanted a divorce via text message?

Well, now he’s decided that he wants to reconcile.

Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand wasn’t one of those lightning-fast Hollywood marriages where all that it takes is a few months to realize that off of the set or sober or whatever, they can’t stand each other.

No, these two were married for 14 months.

Not long, by marriage standards.

(Even in Hollywood)

What was truly sensational about their breakup wasn’t that it happened soon or late.

It wasn’t even particularly explosive.

No, what was absolutely ridiculous was that, on the 31st of December, 2011, Russell Brand texted to Katy Perry that he was divorcing her.

Again, this was in a text message.

The reasons behind the split?

It wasn’t building animosity. It wasn’t abuse. It wasn’t some torrid affair.

It was that, thanks to both of their careers and schedules, Russell Brand just thought that it was no longer practical for them to be married.

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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