Mel B is having a hard time with her divorce, you can just see it in her hair. Whenever we see her at an event, her hair looks like a different melted crayola retrieved from a box under a minivan seat. She just escaped from an abusive ten year marriage and then almost immediately took up with a married Beverly Hills cop, whom she reportedly didn’t know was still living with his wife. The guy’s wife trolled Mel on Instagram, alerting Mel to the fact that he wasn’t actually separated. Mel ended up breaking up with the rebound guy, which is a good thing, but she’s got to be stressed out now that she doesn’t have that distraction. I’m being sympathetic to Mel because I read her request for a restraining order against her ex, she went through hell. That doesn’t mean she’s a perfect person, that she wasn’t sleeping with her family’s nanny, or that she didn’t use drugs. That’s all background to this story that Mel is under investigation, according to TMZ, for trying to influence a witness in her divorce proceedings not to testify against her.

Rapper Siya, who starred in “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” filed …read more

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