New episodes of Will & Grace are just around the corner!

In anticipation of the Sept. 28 premiere of the revival of the hit NBC sitcom — which ended its initial eight-season run in May 2006 — PEOPLE has an exclusive look at footage from the new season and casting secrets that could have changed everything about the beloved comedy.

Eric McCormack initially turned down his role on the show.McCormack, 54, says he auditioned for Will & Grace in December 1997 and was offered the lead male role but didn’t think it was the right project for him.

“ called me, this is the best part you’re ever going to get in your life, you’re insane if you walk away,’ ” he says. “But I did. I walked away for about a month and then I said, ‘I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.’ ”

Sean Hayes was originally asked to audition for the role of Will.“I had a film at the casting director asked if I would read for this new pilot called Will & Grace. I didn’t have the money to change my ticket to fly home, so soon so I was like, ‘Thank you, anyway,’ …read more


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