As much as we love Airbnb and its panoply of one-of-a-kind accommodations, there are times when our experiences come up a bit short of our expectations.

Sometimes, these are minor hiccups that you can just shrug off — like a surface that hasn’t been dusted for a while or a weak WiFi signal. But, for dealing with more serious issues like last-minute cancellations or an inappropriate host, you should know your rights as a consumer.

We’re not saying that these scenarios will happen, but when they do, they can potentially throw a wrench into your travel plans — or worse. We’ve put together a guide on effectively steps to deal with potential problems on the booking platform. Bookmark this for a rainy day.

When The Airbnb Is Not As Described

Did you book a place under the impression that it’s a private residence, but ended up in a house share with the owner? For any misrepresentation with the listing — be it the location, number of bedrooms, or the promised amenities — Airbnb’s Guest Refund Policy may be helpful way to resolve the issue. But whenever possible, you should always try to go through the host first, since direct communication with them …read more

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