It’s always weird when you leave for college and then come back home for that first visit. Things are just different: your friends seem weird, your parents are doing their own thing now, plus your town looks way smaller. Sometimes, even your house no longer seems like your own.

Case in point, a freshman at Texas A&M University named Maddie who came home from school after one month, only to discover her bedroom didn’t belong to her anymore. Now, because of her mother’s extreme attachment to the family pup, Maddie’s room is currently inhabited by Nina the dog.

Buzzfeed spoke to the teen, who said her mom joked about giving her bedroom to the pup … but Maddie thought she was kidding.

I’m in college for not even a month & my mom rearranges my entire room just for my dog

— lena (@MaddieMini4) September 9, 2017

Nina was originally given to Maddie by her parents as a present. The pup was supposed to be her responsibility, but Maddie’s mom fell head over ham bone for the little white furball.

“Ever since we got her, my mom has been completely in love,” Maddie said, noting that her mother spends “way too …read more


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