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California’s state legislature is close to passing two separate bills related to the price of prescription drugs.
The bills, which confront rising prices and coupons and discounting strategies used by drug companies, have each passed one chamber.
If the bills pass and become law, California would join a growing number of states that are tackling the rising cost of prescription drugs.

California could be the next state to pass legislation that curbs the practices of the pharmaceutical industry.

The state’s one key vote away from passing two separate bills that hope to increase transparency around the way drug prices are set and lower costs for patients.

California’s taken a stab at confronting the rising cost of prescription drugs before. In the November 2016 election, a proposition that would have capped California state prescription drug prices at the price the Department of Veterans Affairs pays for them was defeated, with 54% of residents voting against it.

But the state’s attempts to curb drug pricing hasn’t slowed down. In 2017 alone, members of the state’s legislature have introduced at least four bills, two of which are still making their way through the legislative process.

The farthest along is SB-17, a bill that’s

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