Bodega, a new startup with plans to replace the corner store with eight-foot cabinets full of essentials, went under fire today on social media.

Many users criticized the startup on Twitter, claiming that the name was appropriative and that the company’s apparent mission to replace small mom-and-pop businesses was concerning.

Now, in a Medium post titled “So, about our name…”, CEO and cofounder Paul McDonald wrote that the social media criticism was “far beyond what we ever imagined.”

McDonald also said that there “was a risk” of the name “being interpreted as misappropriation.”

He added: “We apologize to anyone we’ve offended … We intended only admiration.”

Bodegas and corner stores are close to the hearts of many city dwellers, and many people tweeted passionate defenses of them. McDonald says it was never his intention to put local stores out of business.

“Challenging the urban corner store is not and has never been our goal,” McDonald wrote. “[They] offer an integral human connection to their patrons that our automated storefronts never will.”

Instead, McDonald says that Bodega is designed to put tiny automated stores where there is currently little or no retail offerings, like apartment lobbies, gyms, and college dormitories.

“Like NYC’s bodegas, we …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Life

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