Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys on Sunday as a category 4 storm – but only now is the destruction becoming clear.

Although frustrated Floridians are anxious to return home, officials are still enforcing an access ban in the Lower Keys as they evaluate the infrastructure, the roadways, health hazards and other safety measures. A dawn-to-dusk curfew remains in place.

“The wind may have stopped blowing, but for most of the Florida Keys, there is no fuel, electricity, running water, or cell service. For many people, supplies are running low and anxiety is running high,” a statement from Monroe County officials said.

“Once the roads are cleared, and the bridges are inspected for use, aid and relief can start to move as it is flown in. There are many resources staged, and ready to move into the Florida Keys to help, as soon as possible.”

CBS Miami reporter David Sutta described the Lower Keys as resembling a “war zone” in a Monday tweet.

“It’s hard to describe lower keys right now. Best word I could say is war zone,” he wrote. “People are walking to find family and friends. No one knows.”

After a flyover of the devastated islands, Florida Governor Rick Scott said, “I …read more


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