Apple Keynote

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre (Credit: Getty/Justin Sullivan)

This morning in California, a large corporation dispatched a human on a stage to announce new things that they would sell, and which they believed would be extremely desirable. These things included several glass and metal objects shaped roughly like rectangular prisms.

One of these glass and metal devices could be strapped to humans’ wrists. It appeared identical to previous devices manufactured by the corporation, which could also be strapped to humans’ wrists. The other glass and metal device could be held in a hand, and also looked identical to hundreds of millions of similar devices that already existed.

Despite this, many humans opined about the incredible importance of these objects, and articulated why they would be so desirable.

And, as rumored, now the price for the iPhone X: 64gb for $1000. Also available in 256gb. Order Oct 27, ships Nov 3. (iPhone 8 still $700.)

— David Pogue (@Pogue) September 12, 2017

iPhone X just took over the game! RIP iPhone 8 & 8+ (9/12/201-9/12/2017) #AppleEvent

— E5QUIRE (@Dj_E5QUIRE) September 12, …read more


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