Many Americans swoon over Canada’s prime minister, but in Canada, his popularity is dropping. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Trudeau’s background?
Justin Trudeau is Canadian political royalty. His late father, Pierre Trudeau, was a towering figure, combative yet charismatic, who served as prime minister for nearly 16 years, from 1968 to the early ’80s. Telegenic and intellectual, the elder Trudeau was both revered and despised in Canada; conservatives saw him as arrogant and far too liberal, blaming him for tripling federal spending, running up Canada’s debt, and presiding over two major recessions. During a 1972 state dinner in Ottawa, President Richard Nixon proposed a toast to “the future prime minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau,” who was then a baby. But as a young man, Trudeau fils seemed to have little ambition. He got a degree in literature, taught French and social studies in high schools, and acted in a TV movie. He finally turned to politics in 2008 — just seven years before becoming prime minister.

How did he rise so quickly?
Partly on his name and partly on his inherent star quality. Trudeau first came to national prominence when he spoke at his father’s funeral in 2000, …read more

Source:: The Week – World

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