Raul Castillo as The Man in "LIMBO"

Raul Castillo as The Man in “LIMBO” (Credit: Limbo)

In the engaging, provocative eight-minute short film, “Limbo,” (available online here) Raul Castillo plays a nameless man wandering the desert after receiving a text message from his girlfriend. When he unexpectedly meets a dying dog (voiced by Sam Elliott), and gives the dog some water, the dog offers the Man something in return.

The short, directed by Will Blank, and adapted from the graphic novella by Marian Churchland, depicts the Man’s decisions largely through an internal narrative. “Limbo” addresses issues of regret, desire, and time, using editing and voice-over to consider how we process thoughts and emotions. The magic of this “magical realist” short is how it prompts viewers to consider their own process should a similar situation arise in their lives.

Castillo, who was fantastic in Aaron Katz’s sleeper indie “Cold Weather,” and had a breakout role on HBO’s “Looking,” is a veteran of short films, having made a dozen in his 12-year screen career. The actor talked about the appeal of the short film format, his own decision processes, and making “Limbo.”

You have made many short films over the course of your career. I first saw you in a …read more

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