There are few things more thrilling than getting that first pay check from your first real job after college. Seeing an (often expensive) degree pay off literally can be tremendously rewarding. However, that glow can start to dim after your first few post-grad billing cycles, especially if you’re living on your own. After Uncle Sam claims first dibs, the bites come from every possible direction: your rent, any student loan debt, groceries, and transportation. Even a non-matinee movie starts to feel like a luxury after a while.

To figure out where people might have the best running start, ZipRecruiter recently released a list of the 20 best job markets for recent college graduates. Specifically, it looked at the availability of entry-level professional jobs in cities across the United States, and the ratio of those open jobs to the number of applicants for those positions in each city. Researchers also controlled for cities with an unemployment rate above the national average of 4.7%.

The Western U.S. came out as the champion with eight cities on the list. The South followed with seven, and the Midwest and the Northeast rounded out the list, with three and two cities, respectively. New York City, L.A., …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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