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Princess Diana's Sons Recall The Last Time They Spoke To Her

In the new HBO biopic Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, Prince William and Prince Harry open up about a detail that plagues them to this day. They both express deep regret and sadness that their final phone call with Princess Diana was rushed. At the time of their mother’s death in 1997, Prince […]

California man accused of trying to open ISIS social media accounts

A California man is accused of trying to open social media accounts for ISIS and planning a possible terrorist attack, federal authorities said Friday. … …read more Source:: AOL.com

Boston nurses are bringing back the strike

(Credit: Getty) Tufts Medical Center nurses went back to work on Monday after launching the first Boston nurses’ strike in more than three decades — to demand better patient-safety protections and more competitive compensation. Despite the collective action, the roughly 1,200 nurses who walked out still face barriers to a satisfactory resolution. On July 12, […]

Twitter reaction: Shark takes down Michael Phelps in race

The world’s fastest swimmer tried to beat a shark in a race. Naturally, the Twitter universe ate it up. Michael Phelps, in partnership with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, took on a great white in a 100-metre time trial. Despite getting some upgrades, including a mono-fin, Phelps lost the race by two seconds. The moment of […]