GOP congressman lashes out at Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday: ‘Are we going to do one for the Native American Indians?’

Summary List Placement On Wednesday, the House voted 415-14 to make Juneteenth, or June 19, the nation’s newest federal holiday. Since the bill was previously passed by unanimous consent in the Senate, it headed to President Joe Biden, who on Thursday swiftly signed the legislation into law. GOP Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina, one […]

California launches digital vaccine verification system but says it will not be mandatory

Summary List Placement California just released a new digital vaccine verification system that residents can use in place of a the small CDC cards to prove they are inoculated against COVID-19. The portal asks Californians to enter some personal information, including age and date of birth. If the information matches the official records, the user […]

See the pitch decks that buzzy real estate and construction tech startups used to raise millions from top VCs

Summary List Placement The real estate and construction industries are undergoing a major tech transformation, as startups touting everything from online home-buying to interactive office management software attract millions of dollars in venture funding. While the property technology space, known as proptech, grew in size and dollars raised year over year, it has exploded during […]

Even doctors have lost trust in the CDC. That’s a public health crisis.

Summary List Placement When even doctors and nurses have lost faith in the CDC, you know there’s a problem with America’s foremost public health agency.  In a devastating indictment of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a recent WebMD/Medscape poll found 77% of doctors — and coincidentally, 77% of nurses — said their […]

See 7 pitch decks that fintechs looking to disrupt wealth management, banking, and credit scores used to raise millions

Summary List Placement Fintech VC  funding hit a fresh quarterly record of $22.8 billion in the first three months of 2021, according to CB Insights data. While mega-rounds helped propel overall funding, new cash was spread across 614 deals.  Insider has been tracking the next wave of hot new startups that are blending finance and […]

These 10 AI startups raised the biggest Series A and B rounds of the last 2 years and are poised to boom

Summary List Placement Artificial intelligence is everywhere today – and investors can’t get enough of it. Venture capital firms poured $20.1 billion into AI startups through 995 deals in the first quarter of 2021, according to analyst firm PitchBook.  Some of those deals made headlines: Databricks pulled in a behemoth $1 billion round in February […]

The best Amazon Prime Day 2021 speaker deals happening now, plus expert tips on what to consider when buying a speaker

  Summary List Placement Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Amazon Prime Day 2021 is fast approaching on June 21 and 22, and we’re anticipating plenty of deals on speakers. Last year’s Prime Day sale featured tons of discounts on smart speakers, soundbars, Bluetooth speakers, and home theater systems from brands like Samsung, Sonos, and Bose. […]

Meet 2 Americans who just lost unemployment benefits as thousands of workers are cut off from $300 per week

Summary List Placement Eight more states are ending their federal unemployment benefits today, June 19th, cutting off between 400,000 and 500,000 people from government aid ahead of their scheduled expiration in September. Those states are Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming. That means a dozen have pulled out of […]

The internet is destroying our brains, but we can’t quit. It’s a factory we’re forced to work in without any pay.

Summary List Placement This year seems to be the tipping point for social media users’ feelings about the internet. Once seen as a liberatory technology that would usher in an era of creativity and new connections across the globe, many — from casual Twitter users to professional content creators — have turned on the technology.  […]

Instacart wants to build a billion-dollar ad business — advertisers break down what it needs to do to snag their budgets from rivals like Amazon and Walmart

Summary List Placement Instacart faces tough competition from Amazon and retailers like Walmart, Target, Walgreens as it tries to build an ad business that will hit $1 billion by 2022. Advertisers laid out the advantages and challenges it faces as it tries to get a bigger piece of their budgets. When advertisers buy campaigns from […]

The US job market is about to turn into a giant science experiment — with millions of Americans as guinea pigs

Summary List Placement Partisan politics, Congress’ legislative language, and interest group lobbying are about to turn America’s 160 million workers into guinea pigs. We’re all about to be part of a huge study on whether unemployment insurance keeps people out of the labor market. The biggest variable in this 50-state experiment is the new unemployment […]