For the first time, you can hear the sound of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flying on Mars

Summary List Placement A ghostly hum has been echoing across the plains of Mars’ Jezero Crater. It’s the sound of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter spinning its rotor blades at unearthly speeds and lifting itself away from the Martian dust. For the first time, you can hear it yourself. NASA’s Perseverance rover, which carried Ingenuity to Mars, […]

Amy Roloff Spinoff: Could It Happen? Would You Watch?

Based on what we’ve seen on television over the past few months, Amy Roloff doesn’t seem particularly happy. On the previous season of Little People, Big World, Amy was clearly frustrated by her professional relationship with ex-husband Matt, feeling as if he was pressuring her to sell him her portion of the family farm. Which Amy […]

JPMorgan just promoted 2 CIOs to newly formed groups focused on improving employees’ experience using the bank’s tech

Summary List Placement JPMorgan just made two tech promotions focused on improving employees’ workplace experience and helping them do their jobs better. The bank promoted James (JR) Reid to be chief information officer of the newly created employee experience and corporate technology organization, which is modernizing the tech employees use internally. Meanwhile, Melissa Goldman, JPMorgan’s […]

4 possible explanations for the shocking decline in new jobs

Summary List Placement Economists thought that the economy would add a whole lot of jobs — about a million, to be exact — in April. Friday’s job reports turned that thinking upside down with a big surprise: The US economy added 266,000 jobs in April, falling significantly short of expectations. In fact, unemployment even went […]

Brittany Banks SHOCKS 90 Day Fiance Fans with PDA Packed Yazan Video: Are They Back Together???

90 Day Fiance fans had already heard how obsessed Yazan was with Brittany’s body. Their toxic relationship may have collapsed, but there was always the attraction. Now, Brittany is making that clear in a brand new video uploaded for fans to see. But … wait, they broke up a year ago. Did they get back […]

Chauvin and other former Minneapolis officers charged with violating George Floyd’s civil rights

Four former Minneapolis police officers, including Derek Chauvin, have been indicted on civil rights charges over the death of George Floyd. The Justice Department said Friday a grand jury indictment charged Chauvin, who was convicted on murder charges after kneeling on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes during an arrest, with depriving Floyd of his […]

Chatbots 101: How AI is Fueling the Disruptive Force in Customer Relations

Advancements in artificial intelligence, coupled with the rise of messaging apps, are fueling the development of chatbots — software programs that use messaging as the interface through which to carry out any number of tasks, from scheduling a meeting, to reporting the weather, to helping users buy a pair of shoes. Summary List Placement Businesses […]

How much money a YouTube video with about 100,000 views makes, according to 6 creators

Summary List Placement This is the latest installment of  Insider’s YouTube money logs, where creators break down how much they earn. Not all YouTube videos with 100,000 views are equal in the eyes of advertisers. That means that how much money a single YouTube video with 100,000 views makes from Google-placed ads depends on the content […]