100 bottles of Champagne, 35 ounces of caviar, and a 255-foot superyacht: Here’s what it takes to throw a party for millionaires and celebs at the Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco, a tiny city-state on the French Riviera, draws celebrities and the ultra-wealthy to annual events like the Monaco Grand Prix the Monaco Yacht Show. The 2019 Monaco Yacht Show kicks off on September 25. Nicholas Frankl, founder and CEO of My Yacht Group, throws superyacht parties and other events for an ultra-exclusive and ultra-wealthy […]

Brain.fm is an app designed to help you focus at work — here’s how to use it

Brain.fm is a mindfulness app you can download on your iPhone or Android phone. The app uses specially designed music to improve your brain activity, and help you focus and relax. You can turn on Brain.fm for timed sessions, or keep it on all day. Either way, it’s meant to help you focus at work […]

Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Never Dating a Famous Man Again!!

Though both had moved on months earlier, t wasn’t until February of this year that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett were officially divorced. Kendra has been dating here and there, but it’s reportedly nothing serious. Now, her bestie is telling the world exactly what she’s looking for in a serious partner. And you may be […]

How 3 guys turned renting air mattresses in their apartment into a $31 billion company, Airbnb

Airbnb announced it plans to go public in 2020 on Thursday. Long before Airbnb persuaded strangers to sleep in one another’s homes and became a $31 billion company, it was just an idea to make extra bucks and make rent. Find out how three guys turned renting an air mattress in their apartment into a […]