Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson says debate over the anti-trans bill he vetoed is about ‘the future’ of the GOP

Summary List Placement Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, said Sunday the bill targeting healthcare for transgender youth he vetoed last week went “too far” and said the debate over such legislation is key in determining the direction of the GOP. Hutchinson has been targeted by his own party for vetoing the legislation, including by […]

Business faces tricky path navigating post-Trump politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — For more than a half-century, the voice emerging from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s monolithic, Beaux Arts-styled building near the White House was predictable: It was the embodiment of American business and, more specifically, a shared set of interests with the Republican Party.  The party’s bond with corporate America, however, is fraying. […]

I reviewed 800 résumés in 65 hours to help job searchers during the pandemic. Here are 6 tips on how to build one that stands out, along with actual examples.

Summary List Placement Last summer I organized a résumé marathon where I reviewed 587 résumés in 49 hours to help people in my network who were negatively impacted by the pandemic. The idea came to my mind when I asked myself what I could do as an individual to support my followers on LinkedIn and […]

Fed’s Powell: U.S. economy at an ‘inflection point’ – CBS ’60 Minutes’

(Reuters) – The U.S. economy is at an “inflection point” with expectations that growth and hiring will pick up speed in the months ahead, but some risks remain, particularly any resurgence in the coronavirus pandemic, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said.  In a brief preview of a longer interview with CBS’ news magazine program “60 […]

Researchers warned for years that Facebook’s phone number lookup tools were ripe for abuse. Then 500 million users’ data was stolen. (FB)

Summary List Placement Facebook fixed a security vulnerability in August 2019 that had allowed hackers to scrape more than 500 million users’ data from its app. But the company had been warned about the risks of the tools than enabled the data exfiltration years before it finally took action. And when security researchers reported an […]

Companies need to encourage merit-based negotiations or they run the risk of losing top talent, according to an expert. Here are 3 ways managers can build up a healthy negotiation culture.

Summary List Placement I recently led negotiation training for new sales managers in a large global organization. The focus was on the sales-customer relationship, but very quickly, the Q&A session turned to salary negotiations and the smart group quickly realized that all of their negotiation skills could be used in their own salary negotiations. I […]

Two busy Bay Area parents and founders on how they avoid burnout and keep their relationship strong despite their crammed schedules

Summary List Placement Eric Bahn, 39, is a cofounder and general partner at Hustle Fund, an early-stage venture capital firm. His wife, Beatrice Kim, 39, is the founder of a life-coaching practice, Bea Kim Coaching.  A busy working couple in the San Francisco Bay Area, the couple has two kids (ages 6 and 2). They […]

An Ohio GOP Senate candidate reportedly crashed an RNC donor retreat and was escorted out

Summary List Placement Security removed Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel from a donor retreat hosted by the Republican National Committee, Axios reported.  The retreat, which took place over the weekend in a Palm Beach, Florida, hotel, welcomed guests on an invitation-only basis. Mandel did not have an invitation and crashed the event, according to Axios.  […]

Iran calls Natanz atomic site blackout ‘nuclear terrorism’

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran on Sunday described a blackout at its underground Natanz atomic facility an act of “nuclear terrorism,” raising regional tensions. Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, stopped short of directly blaming anyone for the incident. Details remained few about what happened early Sunday […]