Latter-day Saints for Trump group seeks to ‘mobilize’ church members to reelect president

President Donald Trump prepares to sign four executive orders during a news conference at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020. Seizing the power of his podium and his pen, Trump on Saturday moved to bypass the nation’s elected lawmakers as he claimed the authority to defer payroll taxes and […]

New Mexico Republican says she’s no longer speaking at a rally paying ‘special tribute’ to a far-right militia, following our report on the militia and its founder

New Mexico Republican Stefani Lords, a candidate for the state House of Representatives, told Business Insider she’s pulling out of a rally that is set to pay “special tribute” to the New Mexico Civil Guard. As Business Insider reported on Wednesday, the so-called civil guard is a far-right paramilitary group whose founder is a neo-Confederate […]

Fortnite maker Epic Games just set an antitrust trap for Apple, and Tim Cook walked right into it (AAPL)

Apple on Thursday removed the popular game Fortnite from its App Store, and in doing so, fell right into the trap set by Fortnite’s maker, Epic Games. Epic set its snare by intentionally breaking one of Apple’s rules, offering Fortnite players an alternative way to pay for its virtual currency than through the App Store. […]

Epic Games is suing Google over its decision to boot ‘Fortnite’ from the Play Store

Epic Games, developer of the popular video game ‘Fortnite,’ filed a lawsuit Thursday against Google, claiming its app store policies are anticompetitive. Google kicked ‘Fortnite’ out of its Play Store after Epic bypassed its ban on in-app purchases that don’t use Google’s own payment systems. Epic and other app developers have argued that the policy […]

Chris Harrison Breaks Quarantine, Gets Replaced as The Bachelorette Host

Just when you thought The Bachelorette Season 16 couldn’t get any whackier… … Chris Harrison went ahead and brought his son to college. Allow us to explain: Chris Harrison’s son, Joshua, is a student Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, where classes begin on Monday. As so many parents do, the long-time Bachelor Nation […]

Defying precedent, Trump says he will give Republican convention speech from the White House lawn

President Trump told the New York Post on Thursday that he would likely give his Republican National Convention speech from the White House lawn. “I’ll probably be giving my speech at the White House because it is a great place. It’s a place that makes me feel good, it makes the country feel good,” he […]

Man killed in police shootout was a hero just 24 hours earlier

Aaron Michael Griffin | Laura Spencer SALT LAKE CITY — On Friday, Aaron Michael Griffin was being called a hero by first responders. Just 24 hours later, he was shot and killed by police after shooting a police K-9. The death of Griffin, 21, of Plain City, has sparked a range of reactions. Some in […]

Trump walks back his previous suggestions that he would block a stimulus bill that included emergency funding to the US Postal Service

President Donald Trump walked back an apparent threat he levied on Thursday morning to reject a hypothetical COVID-19 relief package that included $25 billion in emergency grants for the US Postal Service. At a briefing, CNN asked Trump whether comments he made to Fox Business, saying that withholding funding from the USPS would prevent “universal […]