EU defies Boris Johnson and declares UK will only get a ‘bare-bones’ trade deal or a no-deal Brexit next year

The EU’s trade chief says Boris Johnson will only get a “bare-bones” trade deal with the EU next year, or none at all. The prime minister has insisted that the UK will leave the EU in January and says there is “bags of time” to wrap up negotiations for a comprehensive new trade deal by […]

Boris Johnson’s government admits it has no plans to carry out an economic assessment of his Brexit deal

The UK government confirms it has no plans to assess the economic impact of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the EU. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said last month he would “expect” an economic impact assessment to be carried out at “some point.” However, the government said there is no “date for an ‘economic impact assessment’ […]

California says it won’t buy vehicles from automakers siding with Trump against state emission standards

The California Department of General Services announced late Friday that the state will only purchase hybrids and electric cars and trucks, with an exception for some public safety vehicles. In the statement, the department also said California will only buy state vehicles from companies that “recognize the California Air Resources Board (CARB)’s authority to set […]